(RIKEN documents and applications to submit)

Procedures BEFORE the start date

【1】HR at Wako ( sends you a contract and a pledge by email (from CLOUDSIGN), so sign them digitally and reply to them by no later than the start date of employment.

【2】Download and fill out  3)20)21)documents froma document listand submit following 4 documents in digital form by uploading to kViewer
User name=your RIKEN ID number (6 digits)
PW=sent by the separate email from

3)Dependent tax exemption form
4)Withholding tax statement
(源泉徴収票 in Japanese is issued from previous employers if you have income in Japan since this year’s started)

20)Website Research Staff Agreement
21)Application for permission to use an external information

Procedures ON or AFTER the start date

【3】Configure your RIKEN email (Outlook on the web in Office 365) via Okta (the integrated authentication system) and complete a forwarding setting.
・Check the account notification which you downloaded from the email titled ” the internal formalities for your start with RIKEN” for your ID and PW. (Okta/AIR100⇒Same ID&PW)
・Your Okta and AIR100 (Authentication Infrastructure System for RIKEN’s 100th anniversary) accounts will be activated on the first day of work.
・A VPN certificate will be sent to your RIKEN email within a couple of days from the start date.
*Instructions for VPN services

How to log in Okta

Your Okta account includes
1) Box (cloud storage, file sharing)
2) Office 365
3) Slack


【4】After installing RIKEN VPN, complete following required online registrations.
*RIKEN VPN required (Okta/AIR100⇒Same ID&PW)

AIR100→JINJI-Application→Application / Registration

15)Registering copies of your residence card (or passport)
・Upload both sides of your residence card even if one side is blank
If your stay is less than 3 months, upload copies of passport pages which show your name and birth date / a stamp of Landing Permission
*Only for foreign nationals

16)Bank account registration

17)Registering your address and emergency contact

18)Registering commuting route and method
*Commuting allowance (Apply within 15 days from the start date)

*Register the following person as your proxy on JINJI-Application
Harumi SEO :172524 / Office of the Center Director

*Submit the agreement to receive digitized salary slips (instead of paper ones)

AIP intranet HP

Antivirus software
*Only for RIKEN PCs

e-learning “Information Security”

COMMON (RIKEN Internal Website)