Masashi Sugiyama (Ph.D.)


The RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project and Fujitsu have opened the “RIKEN AIP-FUJITSU Collaboration Center (RAFCC)“ and started operations in April 2017. By integrating AI technologies collected at RIKEN and Fujitsu’s wide variety of ICT technologies and system development experiences, the RAFCC is working on R&D to create “AI that predicts the unpredictable.”

“AI that predicts the unpredictable” is AI that supports better decision-making for people based on appropriate future predictions, even in the face of environmental uncertainties. Toward this realization, the RAFCC will advance research on Robust Machine Learning, Fusing Simulation and AI, and Structuring Large-Scale Knowledge.

Research Subjects:
・Robust Machine Learning
・Fusing Simulation and AI
・Structuring Large-Scale


Fujitsu and RIKEN Demonstrate AI’s Utility in Material Design



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