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posted on April 15, 2024 09:49NEWInformation
“Word-producing brain: Contribution of the left anterior middle temporal gyrus to word production patterns in spoken language"* was selected as one of the Editor’s Choice article from Brain and Language and Journal of...
posted on April 10, 2024 21:18NEWInformation
Alexandra Wolf, Special Postdoctoral Researcher of the Cognitive Behavioral Assistive Technology Team at RIKEN AIP has published a research paper titled "Editorial: Early Indicators of Cognitive Decline, Alzheimer's D...
posted on April 9, 2024 22:19InformationAward
Naoto Yokoya, Team leader of the Geoinformatics Team (Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo) , Hitomi Yanaka, Visiting Scientist of the Natural Language Understanding Team (Associate Professor at the Universi...

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posted on April 4, 2024 17:55Seminar
DateApril 22, 2024 (Mon) 13:00 - 14:00
posted on April 4, 2024 18:28Seminar
DateMay 23, 2024 (Thu) - May 24, 2024(Fri) 10:00 - 19:35
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