April 6, 2021 08:52

Taiji Suzuki, the leader and the former visiting researcher of Deep Learning Theory Team wins the award entitled “ICLR 2021 Outstanding Paper Award” in the ICLR 2021, a major conference on machine learning.

Title: Optimal Rates for Averaged Stochastic Gradient Descent under Neural Tangent Kernel Regime
Atsushi Nitanda(The University of Tokyo* / RIKEN AIP)
Taiji Suzuki(The University of Tokyo / RIKEN AIP)
*Oct 2, 2020(the deadline for the conference)
*His current institution: Kyushu Institute of Technology

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ICLR2021 selected 8 papers as the award winners.
The number of posted papers was 2997. Among them, 860 papers were selected for the conference.

These charts show that “Correlations between the true function and the tangent kernels corresponding to the first and second layers, and its relation to learning speed”.


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ICLR 2021 Outstanding Paper Award

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