October 30, 2019 18:12

Takeo Kanade, an AIP (Center for Advance Intelligence Project) Invited Distinguished Professor (primary affiliation: Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University), has been named as a Person of Cultural Merit in recognition of his highly original research in facial image-recognition technology and autonomous driving. Persons of Cultural Merit are selected and honored for their outstanding achievements related to cultural development. Professor Kanade was recognized for these achievements at an award ceremony held on November 5.

Professor Kanade became an Invited Distinguished Professor at AIP in April 2016. He gives advice on establishing systems and foundations, formulating R&D plans, building collaborative ties, and more.

Comment from Professor Kanede:
Imagine my surprise at the news when most of my research life has been spent in the U.S. rather than Japan! I’m glad that the public recognition of the fields of computer vision and robotics could inspire younger researchers in these fields. I will continue to engage in research that is enjoyable, practically useful, and tells a fascinating story.

Takeo Kanade