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Tourism Information Analytics Team at RIKEN AIP

(All talks will be given in Japanese)

Speaker1: Satoshi Nakamura (20minutes)
Title: Research on Human flow and behavior change modeling at the Tourism Information Analytics Team.
Abstract: The talk introduces research on participatory human POI sensing, behavior prediction, congestion sensing, and prediction, curation movie generation, and human flow modeling at the Tourism Information analytics team.

Speaker2: Hiroki Tanaka (20 minutes)
Title: Clustering the flow of people based on a distributed representation
Abstract: We aim to build a method for analyzing the flow of people as a theme of the tourism information analysis team. This presentation reports on a clustering method in Tokyo and Kyoto areas using a distributed representation trained by bidirectional LSTM.

Speaker3: Keiichi Yasumoto (20 minutes)
Title: On-site tour navigation
Abstract: In this presentation, we present a navigation method that supports tourists in efficiently selecting spots to visit during sightseeing, while taking into account the various contexts of the spots.

Speaker4: Hirohiko Suwa (20 minutes)
Title: Video Curation for Tourism
Abstract: This presentation describes a video curation method for pre-tourist planning and for post-tourist memory videos.

Speaker 5: Manato Fujimoto (20 minutes)
Title: Participatory Sensing for Tourism Information Collection
Abstract: In this presentation, we describe participatory sensing for effectively collecting information about dynamic spatiotemporal variability in tourism spots.

Speaker6: Yuki Matsdua (20 minutes)
Title: Tourist emotion and satisfaction
Abstract: This presentation provides the method of estimating the emotional status and satisfaction level of tourists during sightseeing based on sensing of their behavioral cues and physiological signals.

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Date March 3, 2021 (Wed) 15:00 - 17:00

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