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This talk will be held in a hybrid format, both in person at AIP Open Space of RIKEN AIP (Nihonbashi office) and online by Zoom. AIP Open Space: *only available to AIP researchers.

Monday, June 3rd, 17:00-18:30pm JST

Semantically-correlated memories in a dense associative model

Tom Burns (Cornell University)

I introduce a novel associative memory model named Correlated Dense Associative Memory (CD AM), which integrates both auto- and hetero-association in a unified framework for continuous-valued memory patterns. Employing an arbitrary graph structure to semantically link memory patterns, CDAM is theoretically a nd numerically analysed, revealing four distinct dynamical modes: auto-association, narrow hetero-a s association, wide hetero-association, and neutral quiescence. Drawing inspiration from inhibitory modulation studies, I employ anti-Hebbian learning rules to cont rol the range of hetero-association, extract multi-scale representations of community structures in graphs, and stabilise the recall of temporal sequences. Experimental demonstrations showcase CDAM’s efficacy in handling real-world data, replicating a classical neuroscience experiment, performing image retrieval, and simulating arbitrary finite automata .

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Date June 3, 2024 (Mon) 17:00 - 18:00


RIKEN AIP, Nihombashi(Google Maps)

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