Akira Takahashi (Ph.D.)


The Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP) was established in April 2016 as a completely new center. The center’s research system is almost complete after 2 years of preparation and gathering researchers from Japan and overseas.

The Office of the Center Director was created in April 2018, as the center is now able to produce research results and has entered a stage where strengthened organizational management is necessary.

The AIP Office of the Center Director will implement decisions made by the top management through the creation, implementation, and management of action plans to solve the organization’s management issues based on the Center Director and Deputy Director’s operation policy.

Work content
  • Collaboration: Collaboration study, External affairs, Internship
  • Planning: Personnel, Budget, Contract, Information Systems
  • Public relations: Public relations, Center events, Workshops
  • Promotion: External funds, Regulation, Information Sharing, Secretary
  • Computational infrastructure management: Operation and management of AI’s Super Computer “RAIDEN.”
  • Research support: Purchase, Trip, Invitation, Team event
Position Name Main task
Director Akira Takahashi General Management
Coordinator (Part time) Ichiya Nakamura Public Relations Advisor
Coordinator Tomoaki Yoshito Public Relations
Coordinator for Research Support Masahiro Yamano Collaboration
Coordinator for Research Support Kazuki Yoshizoe Computer infrastructure
Research Administrator Ikuko Tsumura Collaboration
Research Administrative Support Staff Kumiko Nakano Promotion
Research Administrative Support Staff Akiko Kidera Promotion
Research Administrative Support Staff Asako Uemura Public Relations
Research Administrative Support Staff Kumiko Nagasawa Planning
Research Administrative Support Staff Misako Morita Planning
Assistant, Part-time Worker Research Support