April 16, 2021 11:44

*Sorry. This event will be held in Japanese.

This weekend, RIKEN has an annual event, “RIKEN Open Day”, an online event.
In the event, we will have some lectures entitled “Science Lecture” and Sound Scene Understanding Team leader Kazuyoshi Yoshii will deliver a lecturer targeting junior high and high school students. His turn will be from 2:10pm and the title is Music and Artificial Intelligence.

If you have children or students who are in school, please let them know about this event. Of course, your participation would be appreciated.

The details are as follows;

  • Date and Time April 17th, 2:10pm (Language: Japanese)
    Zoom ID: 914 3142 8882
    パスコード: Riken-0417
    We are very happy to put the above URL on your calendar. See you on the Zoom webinar!

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