November 8, 2022 08:35

*This workshop will be held in Japanese.

Mathematical workshop for parents and children
〜Become a mathematician yourself! Thinking about Mathematics with String and Creating art with string~

Suri-Joshi will hold a workshop in Kaga city, Ishikawa prefecture on November 20, 2022.

This workshop is for parents and children. In this workshop, parent-child pairs will experience the wonder and fascination created by string with Maths and arithmetic to figure it out for themselves and through gaming and creating strings art.

For more information, please see the following site.
Suri-joshi event

Suri-Joshi is headed by Prof. Makiko Sasada of the University of Tokyo and Prof. Kenichi Bannai, the leader of the Mathematical Science Team in RIKEN AIP.
*Sorry, only available in Japanese.



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