May 28, 2020 15:00

Papers were accepted at IJCAI-PRICAI 2020, a major conference on artificial intelligence (July 11-17, 2020, Online) . For more details, please refer to the link below.

[Accepted papers]

  • Convexity of b-Matching Games
    Soh Kumabe (The University of Tokyo)
    Takanori Maehara (RIKEN AIP)
  • Binary Classification from Positive Data with Skewed Confidence
    Kazuhiko Shinoda (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Hirotaka Kaji (Toyota Motor Corporation)
    Masashi Sugiyama (RIKEN/The University of Tokyo)
  • Knowledge-Based Regularization in Generative Modeling
    Naoya Takeishi (RIKEN AIP)
    Yoshinobu Kawahara (Kyushu Univ. / RIKEN AIP)
  • Spectral Pruning: Compressing Deep Neural Networks via Spectral Analysis and its Generalization Error
    Taiji Suzuki (The University of Tokyo / AIP-RIKEN)
    Hiroshi Abe (iPride Co., Ltd.)
    Tomoya Murata (NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc./ The University of Tokyo)
    Shingo Horiuchi (NTT Data Corporation)
    Kotaro Ito (NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc.)
    Tokuma Wachi (NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc.)
    So Hirai (NTT Data Corporation)
    Masatoshi Yukishima (NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc.)
    Tomoaki Nishimura (NTT Data Corporation)

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