May 24, 2019 16:20

Director Allaine Cerwonka, Director Sethu Vijayakumar and their expert from the Alan Turing Institute visited RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP) in Tokyo on May 21, 2019. Director Masashi Sugiyama, Deputy Director Naonori Ueda and Group Director Hiroshii Nakagawa discussed the possibility of a collaborative research project with them.
The Alan Turing Institute and AIP will hold a workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in UK on September, 2019.

UK-Japan Robotics and AI Research Collaboration Workshops

Photo: [The Alan Turing Institute] (the 3rd from the left) Allaine Cerwonka, Director of Academic Research Programmes / (the 4th from the right) Sethu Vijayakumar, Programme Co-Director for Artificial Intelligence, and Turing Fellow / (the 2nd from the right) Chris Russell, Turing Fellow