September 19, 2019 18:20

The RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (RIKEN-AIP) has entered an academic partnership agreement with the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) to foster cutting-research in artificial intelligence, optimization, machine learning, and related topics.

This partnership will enable RIKEN-AIP and ZIB to jointly tackle larger scale research challenges from pressing methodological AI issues at the foundations of optimization and learning to significant real-world challenges, including societal challenges around privacy, safe-ai, fairness, accountability, transparency, and data/energy-efficiency. The partners plan to exchange students and researchers, jointly work on research projects as well as organize workshops together.

The RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP)was founded in 2016 as a research center for the AIP project initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan.Together with various companies, universities, research institutes and projects, we are conducting the following five activities:
– Development of fundamental technology: Elucidating the mechanism of deep learning and creating next-generation AI technology based on novel principles.
– Acceleration of scientific research: Further reinforcing areas by AI technology where Japan has high international competitiveness such as regenerative medicine and material development.
– Solution to societal problems: Supporting projects that tackle critical problems by AI technology such as elderly health care, disaster resilience, and infrastructure management.
– Analysis of ethical, legal and social issues of AI: Discussing ethical codes and legal systems that will be necessary when AI technology is infiltrated into our daily life.
– Development of AI researchers and data scientists: Contributing to raising the technology level of engineers in industry and students and researchers in academia, and establishing partnership with universities and research institutes in other countries.

About ZIB
The Zuse Institute Berlin is a research institute for applied mathematics and computer science dedicated to solving crucial problems in science, technology, environment and society, problems that cannot be solved by traditional methods. Founded in 1984 as a non-university research institute of the State of Berlin, ZIB has worked in close interdisciplinary cooperation with universities and scientific institutions worldwide on developing efficient algorithms for simulating and optimizing mathematical models that describe complex scientific, technical, as well as socio-economic processes and the transfer of these algorithms into efficient software and high-performance computing techniques.

ZIB’s computing center includes the North-German Supercomputing Alliance (HLRN)-III high performance supercomputer, one of the most powerful computers in the world. The institute has also been one of the founding members of the research center MATHEON Mathematics for Key Technologies, theEinstein Center for Mathematics Berlin, and the ECMath DFG Cluster of Excellence MATH+. Together with Freie Universität Berlin it has established the Research Campus Modal (Mathematical Optimization and Data Analysis Laboratories) to boost public-private research partnerships.