June 1, 2021 15:48
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Science, Technology and Society Team (https://aip.riken.jp/labs/ai_soc/sci_tech_soc/?lang=en) at RIKEN AIP

Speaker 1: Osamu Sakura (45 min)
Title: Variety in human attitudes toward algorithm bias and smart assistants
What kind of entity is assumed to be a “human” when we say, “humans can do it, but AI can’t/can do it”? We will report the results of surveys on people’s perceptions of algorithmic discrimination and how they anthropomorphize smart assistants. Then we will consider how they should handle the diversity of the relationship between humans and AI.

Speaker 2: Shin’ichi Fukuzumi (45min)
Title: Human centered approach to acceptability of technology
We introduce (1) quality model by “use” of system, product or service and (2) the relationship between kinds of work/task and places through telework.

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