July 1, 2024 11:12
The 2nd RIKEN AIP - IIT Joint Workshop<br> on Machine Learning and AI [Day1 part1] thumbnails


Date: May 20 and 21, 2024
Venue: RIKEN AIP Nihonbashi office, Tokyo, Japan

This video includes 4 talks on May 20.

00:00:05 Alessio Del Bue (IIT)
Title: Spatial AI: Semantic 3D Scene Understanding

00:35:42 Daniele Pucci (IIT)
Title: Artificial and Machine Intelligence

01:08:25 Marta Lagomarsino & Francesco Tassi (IIT)
Title: Human-Robot Interfaces and Interaction Laboratory

01:40:09 Arren Glover (IIT)
Title: Event-driven Perception for Robotics

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