November 21, 2019 11:00

The Best Paper Award was in recognition of a research paper, “A Generalization Bound for Online Variational Inference,” coauthored by Research Scientist Pierre Alquier and Team Leader Mohammad Emtiyaz Khan of the Approximate Bayesian Inference Team at the Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML) 2019.
ACML 2019 took place from November 17 to 19 in Nagoya, Japan. Oral presentations for the recognized the paper took place on November 18.

ACML is an international conference in the area of machine learning.
Director Masashi Sugiyama has been appointed to be the chair of Steering Committee for ACML.
ACML 2019, Team leader Ichiro Takeuchi has served as general co-chair, Team leader Taiji Suzuki has served as program co-chair.

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