May 28, 2019 15:35

A research paper coauthored by Carl John Salaan (Postdoctoral Researcher at time of submission), Research Scientist Yoshito Okada (the 3rd from the left) and Visiting Scientist Kazunori Ohno (the 2nd from the left) received Best Paper Award on Robot Mechanisms and Design at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2019(ICRA 2019).

IEEE ICRA is the world’s largest conference on Robotics and Automation, was held in Montreal from 20 to 24 May 2019.

Detail of the Research Paper
Title : Development and Experimental Validation
of Aerial Vehicle With Passive Rotating Shell on Each Rotor
Authors: C. J. Salaan, K. Tadakuma, Y. Okada, Y. Sakai, K. Ohno and S. Tadokoro
Journal Title: IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 2568-2575, July 2019

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