Hiromi Arai
Hiromi Arai (Ph.D.)
Unit Leader


  • Unit leader
    Hiromi Arai
  • Research scientist
    Daisuke Hatano
  • Visiting scientist
    Hisashi Kashima
  • Visiting scientist
    Satoshi Oyama
  • Visiting scientist
    Yu Izumi
  • Visiting scientist
    Tetsushi Ohki
  • Visiting scientist
    Akira Kanaoka
  • Visiting scientist
    Yusuke Yamamoto
  • Visiting scientist
    Kyohei Atarashi
  • Visiting scientist
    Yuko Tanaka
  • Visiting scientist
    Tsubasa Takahashi


Along with the widespread use of artificial intelligence technologies, there are increasing demands for safety and reliability of artificial intelligence, including transparency, fairness, accountability, and privacy. We aim to develop fundamental technologies to enhance the safety and reliability of AI. We also conduct interdisciplinary researches on these topics in collaboration with various fields such as computer science, social sciences, and humanities.

Main Research Field
Computer Science / Social Science and General
Research Field
AI Safety and Reliability / Privacy Preserving Technologies
Research Subjects
Fairness in AI, Explainable AI
Secure Computation, Differential Privacy
Analysis of Fake News and Abusive Languages

Introduction Video

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