Atsushi Iwasaki (Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team Leader
    Atsushi Iwasaki
  • Postdoctoral Researcher
    Nathanael Jules Barrot
  • Visiting Scientist
    Yasushi Kawase
  • Visiting Scientist
    Yoshio Okamoto
  • Visiting Scientist
    Tadashi Sekiguchi
  • Visiting Scientist
    Taiki Todo
  • Visiting Scientist
    Makoto Yokoo


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Our team designs and analyzes a procedure (rule) for optimally allocating resources or services in multi-agent systems where strategic agents have conflicts of interests. Traditionally, a resource allocation problem is considered as a combinatorial optimization problem, but it is assumed that there is only a single agent making the decision. Thus, the existence of multiple strategic agents, who may tell lies to unfairly increase their own profit, is not taken into account. Therefore, from the perspective of game theory in microeconomics, we pursue the way of desirable rules that agents have incentives to act honestly.

Main Research Field
Computer Science
Research Field
Economics & Business
Research Subjects
Game Theory
Market Design
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[Poster] FY2018 Research Results (Written in Japanese)

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