December 5, 2019 09:30

14 papers were accepted at AAAI-20, a major conference on artificial intelligence.

  • Strategy-Proof and Non-Wasteful Multi-Unit Auction via Social Network
    Takehiro Kawasaki (Kyushu University)
    Nathanaël Barrot (RIKEN AIP)
    Seiji Takanashi (Kyoto University)
    Taiki Todo (Kyushu University, RIKEN AIP)
    Makoto Yokoo (Kyushu University, RIKEN AIP)
  • Repeated Multimarket Contact with Private Monitoring: A Belief-Free Approach
    Atsushi Iwasaki (University of Electro-Communications, RIKEN AIP)
    Tadashi Sekiguchi (Kyoto University, RIKEN AIP)
    Shun Yamamoto (Kyushu University)
    Makoto Yokoo (Kyushu University, RIKEN AIP)
  • A Unifying View on Individual Bounds and Heuristic Inaccuracies in Bidirectional Search
    Vidal Alcázar (Riken AIP)
    Pat Riddle (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
    Mike Barley (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Robust Tensor Decomposition via Orientation Invariant Tubal Nuclear Norms
    Andong Wang (Nanjing University of Science and Technology)
    Chao Li (RIKEN AIP)
    Zhong Jin (Nanjing University of Science and Technology)
    Qibin Zhao (RIKEN AIP)
  • Beyond Unfolding: Exact Recovery of Latent Convex Tensor Decomposition under Reshuffling
    Chao Li (RIKEN AIP)
    Mohammad Emtiyaz Khan (RIKEN AIP)
    Zhun Sun (RIKEN AIP)
    Gang Niu (RIKEN AIP)
    Bo Han (RIKEN AIP)
    Shengli Xie (Guangdong University of Technology)
    Qibin Zhao (RIKEN AIP)
  • Domain Generalization Using a Mixture of Multiple Latent Domains
    Toshihiko Matsuura (The University of Tokyo)
    Tatsuya Harada (The University of Tokyo, RIKEN)
  • Asymptotic Risk of Bézier Simplex Fitting
    Akinori Tanaka (RIKEN AIP, Keio University)
    Akiyoshi Sannai (RIKEN AIP, Keio University)
    Ken Kobayashi (Fujitsu Laboratories LTD., RIKEN AIP, Tokyo Tech)
    Naoki Hamada (Fujitsu Laboratories LTD., RIKEN AIP)
  • Assessing the Benchmarking Capacity of Machine Reading Comprehension Datasets
    Saku Sugawara (University of Tokyo)
    Pontus Stenetorp (University College London)
    Kentaro Inui (Tohoku University, RIKEN AIP)
    Akiko Aizawa (National Institute of Informatics)
  • Unsupervised Nonlinear Feature Selection from High-dimensional Signed Networks
    Qiang Huang (Jilin University)
    TingYu Xia (Jilin University)
    HuiYan Sun (Jilin University)
    Makoto Yamada (RIKEN AIP, Kyoto University)
    Yi Chang (Jilin University)
  • Block Hankel Tensor ARIMA for Multiple Short Time Series Forecasting
    Qiquan Shi (Huawei)
    Jiaming Yin (Tongji Univeristy)
    Jiajun Cai (University of Hong Kong)
    Andrzej Cichocki (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)
    Tatsuya Yokota (Nagoya Institute of Technology, RIKEN AIP)
    Lei Chen (Huawei)
    Mingxuan Yuan (Huawei)
    Jia Zeng (Huawei)
  • Efficiently Enumerating Substrings with Statistically Significant Frequencies of Locally Optimal Occurrences in Gigantic String
    Atsuyoshi Nakamura (Hokkaido University)
    Ichigaku Takigawa (RIKEN AIP, Hokkaido University)
    Hiroshi Mamitsuka (Kyoto University, Aalto University)
  • Generate (non-?‐software) Bugs to Fool Classifiers
    Hiromu Yakura (University of Tsukuba)
    Youhei Akimoto (University of Tsukuba / RIKEN AIP)
    Jun Sakuma(University of Tsukuba / RIKEN AIP)
  • Probabilistic Inference for Predicate Constraint Satisfaction
    Yuki Satake (University of Tsukuba)
    Hiroshi Unno (University of Tsukuba / RIKEN AIP)
    Hiroshi Mamitsuka (Kyoto University, Aalto University)
    Hinata Yanagi (University of Tsukuba)
  • On the Max-?‐min Fair Stochastic Allocation of Indivisible Goods
    Yasushi Kawase (Tokyo Institute of Technology / RIKEN AIP)
    Hanna Sumita (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Special Track on AI for Social Impact
  • Faking Fairness via Stealthily Biased Sampling
    Kazuto Fukuchi (University of Tsukuba, RIKEN AIP)
    Satoshi Hara (Osaka University)
    Takanori Maehara (RIKEN AIP)


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