Shinji Ito
Shinji Ito (Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team leader
    Shinji Ito
  • Visiting scientist
    Junya Honda
  • Visiting scientist
    Taira Tsuchiya


The sequential decision-making team works to develop algorithms and theories for making rational decisions in a sequential manner in the face of forecast uncertainty and environmental fluctuations. In recent years, along with the evolution of information technology, there has been a demand for technology to make rational decisions based on the large amount of data being generated in real-time in today's world. To meet this challenge, we promote research related to online learning, bandit problems, and reinforcement learning, aiming to understand effective decision-making algorithms in a fluctuating environment and to construct and extend theoretical systems that support such algorithms.

Main Research Field
Research Field
Theory of informatics / Mathematical informatics / Intelligent informatics
Research Subjects
Sequential decision-making
Online learning
Bandit problems
Reinforcement learning
Learning theory

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