Naonori Ueda
Naonori Ueda (Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team leader
    Naonori Ueda
  • Technical scientist
    Ayako Nagahashi
  • Technical staff I
    Tamami Hirai
  • Technical staff I
    Yoko Ishida
  • Senior visiting scientist
    Haruhisa Inoue
  • Visiting scientist
    Takuya Yamamoto
  • Visiting scientist
    Ichigaku Takigawa


In cooperation with the iPS cell research institute (CiRA) of Kyoto university, by using AI and iPS cell technologies jointly, this team will research and develop technologies for predicting Altzheimer’s disease risk which is becoming social urgent matter. Moreover, we will conduct research develop technologies to ensure the safety of iPS cells themselves. The former results will improve the possibility of risk prediction of Altzhimer’s disease with solution, and the latter will enable the stock of high quality iPS cells for regenerative medicine.


Introduction Video

Medical-risk Avoidance based on iPS Cells Team (PI: Naonori Ueda) thumbnails

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