October 8, 2021 16:33

17 papers were accepted at NeurIPS 2021, which is known as a top conference on machine learning. For more details, please refer to the link below:

[NeurIPS 2021]



  • Deep learning is adaptive to intrinsic dimensionality of model smoothness in anisotropic Besov space
    Taiji Suzuki (The University of Tokyo / RIKEN AIP)
    Atsushi Nitanda  (Kyushu Institute of Technology / RIKEN AIP)


  • Adversarial Regression with Doubly Non-negative Weighting Matrices
    Tam Le (RIKEN)
    Truyen Nguyen (The University of Akron)
    Makoto Yamada (RIKEN/Kyoto University)
    Jose Blanchet (Stanford University)
    Viet Anh Nguyen (VinAI Research)
  • A Gradient Method for Multilevel Optimization
    Ryo Sato (The University of Tokyo)
    Mirai Tanaka (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics / RIKEN AIP)
    Akiko Takeda (The University of Tokyo / RIKEN AIP)
  • Analogous to Evolutionary Algorithm: Designing a Unified Sequence Model
    Jiangning Zhang (Zhejiang University)
    Chao Xu (Zhejiang University)
    Jian Li (Tencent)
    Wenzhou Chen (Zhejiang University)
    Yabiao Wang (Zhejiang University)
    Ying Tai (Tencent)
    Shuo Chen (RIKEN AIP)
    Chengjie Wang (Tencent)
    Feiyue Huang (Tencent)
    Yong Liu (Zhejiang University)
  • Characterizing the risk of fairwashing
    Ulrich Aïvodji( ÉTS Montréal )
    Hiromi Arai(RIKEN AIP)
    Sébastien Gambs(Université du Québec à Montréal)
    Satoshi Hara(Osaka University)
  • Differentiable Multiple Shooting Layers
    Stefano Massaroli (The University of Tokyo)
    Michael Poli (KAIST)
    Sho Sonoda (RIKEN AIP)
    Taiji Suzuki (The University of Tokyo / RIKEN AIP)
    Jinkyoo Park (KAIST)
    Atsushi Yamashita (The University of Tokyo)
    Hajime Asama (The University of Tokyo)
  • Dual Parameterization of Sparse Variational Gaussian Processes
    Paul Edmund Chang (Aalto University)
    Vincent ADAM (Aalto University, secondmind.ai)
    Mohammad Emtiyaz Khan (RIKEN AIP)
    Arno Solin (Aalto University)
  • Dynamic Sasvi: Strong Safe Screening for Norm-Regularized Least Squares
    Hiroaki Yamada (Kyoto University)
    Makoto Yamada (RIKEN/Kyoto University)
  • Generalization Bounds for Graph Embedding Using Negative Sampling: Linear vs Hyperbolic
    Atsushi Suzuki (University of Greenwich)
    Atsushi Nitanda (Kyushu Institute of Technology / RIKEN AIP)
    Jing Wang (University of Greenwich)
    Linchuan Xu (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
    Kenji Yamanishi (The University of Tokyo)
    Marc Cavazza (University of Greenwich)
  • Instance-dependent Label-noise Learning under a Structural Causal Model
    Yu Yao (University of Sydney)
    Tongliang Liu (University of Sydney/RIKEN AIP)
    Mingming Gong (University of Melbourne)
    Bo Han (Hong Kong Baptist University/RIKEN AIP)
    Gang Niu (RIKEN AIP)
    Kun Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Knowledge-Adaptation Priors,
    Mohammad Emtiyaz Khan (RIKEN AIP)
    Siddharth Swaroop (University of Cambridge)
  • Learning interaction rules from multi-animal trajectories via augmented behavioral models
    Keisuke Fujii (Nagoya University / RIKEN AIP)
    Naoya Takeishi (HES-SO / RIKEN AIP)
    Kazushi Tsutsui (Nagoya University)
    Emyo Fujioka (Doshisha University)
    Nozomi Nishiumi (National Institute for Basic Biology)
    Ryooya Tanaka (Nagoya University)
    Mika Fukushiro (Doshisha University)
    Kaoru Ide (Doshisha University)
    Hiroyoshi Kohno (Tokai University)
    Ken Yoda (Nagoya University)
    Susumu Takahashi (Doshisha University)
    Shizuko Hiryu (Doshisha University)
    Yoshinobu Kawahara (Kyushu University / RIKEN AIP)
  • Particle Dual Averaging: Optimization of Mean Field Neural Network with Global Convergence Rate Analysis
    Atsushi Nitanda (Kyushu Institute of Technology / RIKEN AIP)
    Denny Wu (University of Toronto / Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence)+
    Taiji Suzuki (The University of Tokyo / RIKEN AIP)
  • Probabilistic Margins for Instance Reweighting in Adversarial Training
    Qizhou Wang (Hong Kong Baptist University)
    Feng Liu (University of Technology Sydney/RIKEN AIP)
    Bo Han (Hong Kong Baptist University/RIKEN AIP)
    Tongliang Liu (University of Sydney/RIKEN AIP)
    Chen Gong (Nanjing University of Science and Technology)
    Gang Niu (RIKEN AIP)
    Mingyuan Zhou (University of Texas at Austin)
    Masashi Sugiyama (University of Tokyo/RIKEN AIP)
  • Spectrum-to-Kernel Translation for Accurate Blind Image Super-Resolution
    Guangpin Tao (Nanjing University)
    Xiaozhong Ji (Nanjing University)
    Wenzhuo Wang (Nanjing University)
    Shuo Chen (RIKEN AIP)
    Chuming Lin (Fudan University)
    Yun Cao (Tencent)
    Tong Lu (Nanjing University)
    Donghao Luo (Tencent)
    Ying Tai (Tencent)
  • Understanding and Improving Early Stopping for Learning with Noisy Labels
    Yingbin Bai (University of Sydney)
    Erkun Yang (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
    Bo Han (Hong Kong Baptist University/RIKEN AIP)
    Yanhua Yang (Xidian University)
    Jiatong Li (University of Technology Sydney)
    Yinian Mao (University of Maryland, College Park)
    Gang Niu (RIKEN AIP)
    Tongliang Liu (University of Sydney/RIKEN AIP)
  • Understanding Negative Samples in Instance Discriminative Self-supervised Representation Learning
    Kento Nozawa (University of Tokyo/RIKEN AIP)
    Issei Sato (University of Tokyo)

+Past interns of RIKEN AIP

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