Makoto Yamada
Makoto Yamada (Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team leader
    Makoto Yamada
  • Special postdoctoral researcher
    Hector Climente
  • Postdoctoral researcher
    Peter Naylor
  • Senior visiting scientist
    Shigeyuki Matsui
  • Senior visiting scientist
    Kenji Fukumizu
  • Visiting scientist
    Hisashi Kashima
  • Visiting scientist
    Hidetoshi Shimodaira
  • Visiting scientist
    Akifumi Okuno
  • Visiting scientist
    Junya Honda
  • Visiting scientist
    Yoshikazu Terada
  • Visiting scientist
    Heewon Park
  • Visiting scientist
    Yuta Itoh
  • Visiting scientist
    Sho Yokoi
  • Visiting scientist
    Masaaki Imaizumi
  • Visiting scientist
    Taichiro Endo
  • Visiting scientist
    Benjamin Poignard
  • Part-time worker I
    Kenta Kihara
  • Part-time worker I
    Runsen Li
  • Part-time worker I
    Kazuya Suzuki


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We are focusing on developing machine learning algorithm for large p and small n problems such as biomarker discovery and toxicogenomics prediction. In particular, we are interested in nonlinear feature selection algorithms for such high-dimensional data, and proposing simple yet efficient algorithms. Ultimately, we want to build a machine learning framework to automatically find an important information from data.

Main Research Field
Computer Science
Research Subjects
High-dimensional Feature Selection
Transfer Learning
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Introduction Video

Talk by Cheng Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University on On the computational and theoretical analysis of high dimensional precision matrix estimation thumbnails

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