March 28, 2022 10:23

For Female High School Students who want to study AI and Mathematics at university.
We shared information with students about the daily life of researchers.
What kind of people are AI and mathematical researchers?

RIKEN AIP held an event that cooperated with Suri-Joshi* for those thinking of going into a scientific field.

  • Suri-Joshi is headed by Prof. Makiko Sasada of the University of Tokyo and Prof. Kenichi Bannai, the leader of the Mathematical Science Team in RIKEN AIP.
    The purpose of the Suri-Joshi is to attempt to encourage and motivate female students from elementary school to university by opening their eyes to the joy of mathematics. They have run several events with several professionals who graduated from university related to mathematics and that kind of people. In the event, they shared with female students their fascination with mathematics and the joy of mathematics.
    For more information as for the Suri-Joshi, please see the following site.
    *Sorry, only available in Japanese.

There are few researchers in the AI and mathematics field. Through a research project which aimed to increase the number of female researchers in RIKEN AIP, we found out that the percentage of female students in STEM* universities was lower than in other countries. Therefore, if we want to increase the number of female researchers, we need to encourage female high school students to go to STEM universities. Hence, we planned an event for female high school students to ask their views on researchers.
*STEM -> Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

In the seminar, four young researchers give a talk about how they got the current position and current their work. Also, they talked about what they were doing in their childhood.

According to the result of the questionnaire, most attendees were satisfied with their talk and influenced by them. They gave good feedback on the seminar.
Thanks for all attending the seminar and asking researchers for something for their activities in the seminar.

If you are interested in the seminar, please watch the movie (Part 1) here and read the article (Part 2) here.
(Sorry, only available Japanese.)

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