April 22, 2022 17:47

Gang Niu, Research Scientist and Lei Feng, Visiting Scientist of the Imperfect Information Learning Team, in collaboration with other researchers have received an Outstanding Paper Honorable Mention at ICLR 2022, for their paper “PiCO: Contrastive Label Disambiguation for Partial Label Learning.”

PiCO: Contrastive Label Disambiguation for Partial Label Learning

Haobo Wang (Zhejiang University)
Ruixuan Xiao (Zhejiang University)
Yixuan Li (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Lei Feng (Chongqing University / RIKEN AIP)
Gang Niu (RIKEN AIP)
Gang Chen (Zhejiang University)
Junbo Zhao (Zhejiang University)

*This paper will be presented in the Oral Session 1 on Learning in the Wild & RL on Apr 26 12am GMT (Apr 25 5pm PST).

The International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) is one of the leading international venues for AI research. ICLR 2022 received 3391 submissions, of which 1095 were accepted for publication. Of these 1095 papers, only seven papers were selected for the outstanding paper award and 3 papers were selected for the Honorable Mentions.



Announcing the ICLR 2022 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

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