December 20, 2023 17:31

A research paper, entitled “Multicrystalline informatics applied to multicrystalline silicon for unraveling the microscopic root cause of dislocation generation” was published in the Advanced Materials.

The research team includes Kentaro Kutsukake (Research Scientist) of the Data-Driven Biomedical Science Team, at RIKEN AIP.

Kenta Yamakoshi (Nagoya University)
Yutaka Ohno (Tohoku University)
Kentaro Kutsukake (RIKEN AIP)
Takuto Kojima (Nagoya University)
Tatsuya Yokoi (Nagoya University)
Hideto Yoshida (Osaka University)
Hiroyuki Tanaka (Nagoya University)
Xin Liu (Nagoya University)
Hiroaki Kudo (Nagoya University)
Noritaka Usami (Nagoya University)

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