July 8, 2024 21:31

The joint research team from the Cognitive Behavioral Assistance Technology Team (CBAT) at RIKEN AIP and the Cognitive Science Department of the Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU) in Toruń, Poland, has been awarded the 1st Degree Scientific Award by the Rector of Nicolaus Copernicus University.

This award was presented for their innovative research in exploring neurobiomarkers for dementia.

On July 1, 2024, Dr. Tomasz Komendzinski received The 1st Degree Scientific Award from the Rector on behalf of the Japanese-Polish joint team from RIKEN AIP and NCU.

The award-winning team consists of Dr. Mihoko Otake (Team Leader) and Dr. Tomasz Maciej Rutkowski from RIKEN AIP’s Cognitive Behavioral Assistance Technology Team, along with Dr. Tomasz Komendziński and students from NCU’s Faculty of Cognitive Science. The research aims to identify biomarkers useful for early detection of dementia by analyzing multimodal experimental data from EEG and fNIRS using machine learning techniques.

This collaborative research has developed a wide range of activities, including presentations at international conferences, workshops held in Japan and Poland, and the signing of a scientific agreement between the two institutions. Furthermore, this research theme has been incorporated into the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of Academia Copernicana, further deepening the cooperative relationship between Japan and Poland.

Dr. Komendziński expressed his gratitude to the research partners, stating, “This achievement would not have been possible without the cooperation and contributions of Dr. Mihoko Otake, Dr. Tomasz M. Rutkowski, and RIKEN AIP.”

For future developments, the team plans to continue the olfactory research that began in 2023 and further expand the program for exploring neurobiomarkers of dementia.

This research is expected to be an important step towards healthy aging and dementia prevention in an aging society.

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