July 7, 2020 15:05

Papers were accepted at ECCV 2020, a major conference on computer vision. For more details, please refer to the link below.

[Website] https://eccv2020.eu/
[Accepted Papers] https://eccv2020.eu/accepted-papers/

  • Bounding-box Channels for Visual Relationship Detection
    Sho Inayoshi (The University of Tokyo)
    Keita Otani (The University of Tokyo)
    Antonio Tejero de Pablos (The University of Tokyo / RIKEN AIP)
    Tatsuya Harada (The University of Tokyo / RIKEN AIP)
  • Guided Deep Decoder: Unsupervised Image Pair Fusion
    Tatsumi Uezato (RIKEN AIP)
    Danfeng Hong (German Aerospace Center)
    Naoto Yokoya (The University of Tokyo / RIKEN AIP)
    Wei He (RIKEN AIP)
  • Efficient Attention Mechanism for Visual Dialog that can Handle All the Interactions between Multiple Inputs
    Van-Quang Nguyen (Tohoku University)
    Masanori Suganuma (RIKEN AIP / Tohoku University)
    Takayuki Okatani (Tohoku University / RIKEN AIP)
  • TPFN: Apply Outer Product along Time for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis Fusion on Imperfect Data
    Binghua Li (Nankai University)
    Chao Li (RIKEN AIP)
    Feng Duan (Nankai University)
    Ning Zheng (RIKEN AIP)
    Qibin Zhao (RIKEN AIP)
  • Faster AutoAugment: Learning Augmentation Strategies using Backpropagation
    Ryuichiro Hataya (UTokyo / RIKEN AIP)
    Jan Zdenek (UTokyo)
    Kazuki Yoshizoe (RIKEN AIP)
    Hideki Nakayama (UTokyo)
  • Feature Normalized Knowledge Distillation for Image Classification
    Kunran Xu(Xidian University)
    Lai Rui(Xidian University)
    Yishi Li(Xidian University)
    Lin Gu(RIKEN AIP / The University of Tokyo)

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