May 11, 2021 14:30

Music Information and Intelligence team has released 5 music apps for free use by AI technologies at the same time. Due to the spread of coronavirus, although our life activities have been limited, we’ll have new music experience through using these apps.
The new apps are uploaded on Dr. Hamanaka’s site.

Sound Scope Phone

The Sound Scope Phone introduces a new way of listening to music that enables you to focus on the part you want to listen to simply by facing the corresponding section and putting your hand on your ear.

Melody Slot Machine

Melody Slot Machine features a dial interface which enables users to select a melody from multiple variations to generate a new combination melody.

For more information, please see the following site.

Music Information Intelligence Team
Goal-Oriented Technology Research Group
RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project
Team Leader : Masatoshi Hamanaka


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