Takahiro Hoshino (Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team leader
    Takahiro Hoshino
  • Visiting scientist
    Junichiro Niimi
  • Visiting scientist
    Ryosuke Igari
  • Visiting scientist
    Ryo Kato
  • Visiting scientist
    Daisuke Moriwaki
  • Part-time worker I
    Rin Futara


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In the era of rapid technological innovation and high social and economic uncertainty, government and companies are required to make decisions more quickly than ever. Although various large big-data such as transaction logs and location information, various studies showed that they are not useful for managerial or policy decision making as it is, because the big-data suffer from various biases such as selection bias. This team will develop new data-fusion techniques for various types of datasets including governmental survey data, big-data and macro-level information, to improve accuracy of public statistical information, or to aid investment/managerial decision making. We also investigate new data acquisition methods in business and economic fields which utilize statistical machine learning methods.

Main Research Field
Economics & Business
Research Field
Neuroscience & Behavior / Computer Science / Mathematics / Social Sciences & General
Research Subjects
Development of Data fusion techniques
Development of new data acquisition methods in business and economic fields
Inference with anonymization of big-data in business and economics fields
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