May 11, 2020 13:26

Marshalling our collective wisdom, RIKEN has established a special project to provide humanity with the means to overcome this virus.

Research Themes of RIKEN AIP

Research for the development of therapies

Protein dynamics using rigidity-based analysis in the corona virus
We conduct rigidity-based analysis to the conformational dynamics of proteins in SARS-CoV-2 for understanding COVID-19 corona virus molecular mechanisms and aid in therapeutic design.
Molecular Informatics Team

Research to help people and communities overcome the crisis

Development of remote communication and dialogue support system for healthcare during standby at home due to COVID-19 epidemic
Standby at home due to COVID-19 epidemic may higher the risk of frail and cognitive decline of older adults. Once older adults with frailty and/or cognitive decline are infected, it becomes difficult to leave hospitals and go home or elderly care facilities, which leads to collapse of medical facilities. We develop remote communication and dialogue support system for maintaining cognitive and physical health of older adults.
Cognitive Behavioral Assistive Technology Team

Analyze of hate speech and disinformation related to COVID-19
We collect and analyze abusive languages such as hate speech and disinformation related to COVID-19 pandemic by using knowledge and techniques of language philosophy and natural language processing.
AI Utilization in Society and Legal System Team

ELSI and further perspectives of on-line initial medical examination
Classifications and re-evaluations of ELSI (Ethics, Legal and Social Issues) of on-line initial medical examinations.
Science, Technology and Society Team

Investigation of influences caused by telework to workers and possible improvements
The telework conditions has been causing various problems on the environment of workers, e.g., physical fatigue and work postures, mental stress from lack of conversations, hard situation with the online meeting in a small room through small screen, ambiguity between “ON” and “OFF,” or how to make “OFF” situations clear. We are investigating elements and components of the issues and will propose the possible ways to improve the situations.
Science, Technology and Society Team

Machine learning based prediction of severity of COVID-19 infected person using health insurance claims data and information from medical checkup
We develop concise and rapid machine learning based methods for prediction of severity of especially younger COVID-19 infected person using nationwide large health insurance claims data and medical checkup data.
Business and Economic Information Fusion Analysis Team

Countermeasures to COVID-19 by decentralized data sharing, analysis and utilization integrating AI/ICT/HPC
To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections and address social and economic impacts, we will coordinate AI / ICT / HPC with each other by a secure personal-data management technology (PLR: Personal Life Repository) for visualizing infection risk, recommending low-risk routes, simulating infection transmission and economic activities, planning countermeasures, and so forth.
AIP Decentralized Big Data Team / Tourism Information Analytics Team / AI Security and Privacy Team, RCCS Discrete Event Simulation Research Team

Basic and other research

Development of an academic search support system related to COVID-19
In order to support biomedical research on COVID-19 with information science, we are developing an AI system that automatically analyzes biomedical big data from 30,000 academic papers related to COVID-19 along with 25 million abstracts of other biomedical works.
Natural Language Understanding Team / Knowledge Acquisition Team

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