Shin-ichi Ohta (Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team leader
    Shin-Ichi Ohta
  • Special postdoctoral researcher
    Masayuki Aino
  • Postdoctoral researcher
    Taiji Marugame
  • Visiting scientist
    Takahisa Inui
  • Visiting scientist
    Kenkichi Tsunoda
  • Visiting scientist
    Asuka Takatsu
  • Visiting scientist
    Yuka Kotorii


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My research field is geometry, especially the influence of the curvature to various properties of the space. This area has strong connections with analysis and probability theory. Active interdisciplinary researches include the relation between curvature and the behavior of heat propagation, the geometric structures of spaces consisting of probability distributions, etc. Among them, optimal transport theory, gradient flows of convex functions, and information geometry have tight connections with machine learning as well as information theory. Upon mathematical strengths on these areas, we would theoretically contribute to the field of machine learning.

Main Research Field
Research Subjects
Riemannian and Finsler geometries
Optimal transport theory
Gradient flows of convex functions
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