Koji Tsuda
Koji Tsuda (Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team leader
    Koji Tsuda
  • Research scientist
    Masato Sumita
  • Research scientist
    Adnan Sljoka
  • Special postdoctoral researcher
    Kosuke Hamazaki
  • Senior visiting scientist
    Mitsuo Umetsu
  • Visiting scientist
    Yukari Katsura
  • Visiting scientist
    Kazuki Yoshizoe
  • Visiting scientist
    Masaya Kumagai
  • Visiting scientist
    Motoki Shiga
  • Visiting scientist
    Kei Terayama
  • Visiting scientist
    Ryo Tamura
  • Visiting scientist
    Andrejs Tucs
  • Visiting scientist
    Weilin Yuan
  • Part-time worker I
    Liyao Wang
  • Part-time worker I
    Peiheng Zou


Laboratory's photo

Molecular informatics team aims to develop artificial intelligence methods that design functional biomolecules such as proteins and inorganic compounds such as metal, ceramic and nanoparticles. In addition to theoretical studies about automatic design methods such as Bayesian optimization and Monte Carlo tree search, we synthesize designed materials in collaboration with experimental scientists.

Main Research Field
Computer Science
Research Field
Research Subjects
Automatic design methods for molecules and materials
Automatic construction of materials science databases from literature
Theoretical studies about experimental design

Introduction Video

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