Yoichiro Yamamoto
Yoichiro Yamamoto (M.D., Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team leader
    Yoichiro Yamamoto
  • Moonshot researcher
    Masao Ueki
  • Moonshot researcher
    Jun Akatsuka
  • Moonshot researcher
    Hayato Takeda
  • Moonshot researcher
    Kotaro Tsutsumi
  • Moonshot researcher
    Ichiro Maeda
  • Technical scientist
    Yasushi Numata
  • Technical scientist
    Hiromu Morikawa
  • Moonshot researcher(Joint Graduate School)
    Mami Taniuchi
  • Research Part-time Worker
    Mari Nakatani
  • Senior visiting scientist
    Manabu Fukumoto
  • Senior visiting scientist
    Go Kimura
  • Other members: 4


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Our ultimate goal is to discover novel disease mechanisms, to find new therapies or to choose the best treatment for each patient through the combination of the state-of-the-art AI technology and medical big data including multiscale information, which provides the link between molecular biology and clinical medicine. We establish a comprehensive analysis of medical information through collaboration with clinical doctors, which will contribute to the cure of currently incurable patients.

Main Research Field
Medical artificial intelligence
Research Field
Clinical Medicine / Pathology / Computer Science
Research Subjects
The discovery of novel disease mechanisms and therapies using Artificial Intelligence
Precise companion diagnostics system
Comprehensive analysis of medical data

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