Yoichiro Yamamoto
Yoichiro Yamamoto (M.D., Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team leader
    Yoichiro Yamamoto
  • Technical scientist
    Yasushi Numata
  • Technical scientist
    Hiromu Morikawa
  • Research Part-time Worker
    Mari Nakatani
  • Research Part-time Worker
    Eriko Tomikawa
  • Visiting scientist
    Jun Akatsuka
  • Visiting scientist
    Hayato Takeda
  • Visiting scientist
    Mami Taniuchi
  • Visiting scientist
    Ichiro Maeda
  • Trainee
    Ruri Yamaguchi
  • Trainee
    Aya Noguchi
  • Visiting scientist etc.: 5


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The mission of Pathology Informatics Team is to discover novel disease mechanisms, to find new therapies or to choose the best treatment for each patient through the combination of the state-of-the-art AI technologies and the medical big data including cell-level information. Cell-level information in pathology provides the link between the molecular biology and the clinical medicine. Comprehensive analysis of the medical information through collaborations with clinical doctors would contribute to cure current and future patients.

Main Research Field
Medical artificial intelligence
Research Field
Clinical Medicine / Pathology / Computer Science
Research Subjects
The discovery of novel disease mechanisms and therapies using Artificial Intelligence
Precise companion diagnostics system
Comprehensive analysis of medical data

Introduction Video

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