Gen Tamiya (Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team Leader
    Gen Tamiya
  • Research Scientist
    Hikaru Matsuoka
  • Research Scientist
    Motomichi Matsuzaki
  • Postdoctoral Researcher
    Rieko Sakurai
  • Visiting Scientist
    Takamitsu Funayama
  • Visiting Scientist
    Kazuharu Misawa
  • Visiting Scientist
    Nagahisa Suzuki
  • Visiting Scientist
    Jun Takayama
  • Visiting Scientist
    Masao Ueki


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Using AI-based methods in statistical genetics, we analyze Big Data consisting of a wide variety of information such as genomic variations, lifestyle and health status together with an enormous medical literature in order to identify causal factors for complex common diseases. We aim to enable genomic risk prediction for complex common diseases and then to realize personalized and preventive medicine. Chiefly we investigate Big Data from large-scale prospective genomic cohorts such as the Tohoku Medical Megabank organization.

Main Research Field
Molecular Biology & Genetics
Research Field
Clinical Medicine / Agricultural Sciences / Computer Science / Mathematics
Research Subjects
Statistical genetics of prospective genomic cohort
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