June 22, 2020 16:28

Postdoctoral Researcher Bahareh Kalantar (Disaster Resilience Science Team / Photo), Research Scientist Ippei Obayashi (Topological data analysis team), Postdoctoral Researcher Chao Li (Tensor Learning Unit), Postdoctoral Researcher Wei He (Geoinformatics Unit) received the 2019 Ohbu Award (Researcher Incentive Award). Postdoctoral Researcher Voot Tangkaratt (Imperfect Information Learning Team) received the 2019 Ohbu Award (Research & Industry Partnership Incentive Award).

The Ohbu Award(Researcher Incentive Award and Technician Incentive Award) are given to young researchers and technicians who have contributed to furthering RIKEN’s ideals by achieving exemplary results in their research or research support activities. Total number of awardees is around 50.

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