Yasuo Tabei
Yasuo Tabei (Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team leader
    Yasuo Tabei
  • Research scientist
    Takaaki Nishimoto
  • Visiting scientist
    Koh Takeuchi
  • Visiting scientist
    Yoshitaka Yamamoto
  • Visiting scientist
    Hiroto Saigo


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We are at the forefront of data compression research. Specifically, we focus on a technology called 'succinct data structures', which supports various operations while keeping the data compressed. In today's world, there's an ongoing trend of data becoming more massive, and there's a demand for efficient processing methods. Succinct data structures enable the rapid and memory-efficient handling of large volumes of data. Through the application of this technology, we are advancing research in artificial intelligence and knowledge discovery aimed at efficiently processing large-scale data.

Main Research Field
Research Field
Algorithm / Data Structure
Research Subjects
Machine Learning
Data mining
Data compression
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Talk by Travis Gagie, Dalhousie University on Succinct Information Processing Unit Seminar thumbnails

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