July 16, 2020 15:15
Update: June 2, July 16

18 papers were accepted at ICML 2020, a top conference on machine learning. For more details, please refer to the link below.

RIKEN AIP has been listed as one of the excellent organizations in the global rankings of ICML 2020. Our Director, Dr. Sugiyama, is the best author among all (11 papers), and RIKEN AIP is ranked as the 31st organization*, which is the top of Japan, in terms of the number of accepted papers among the entire 1088 papers in ICML 2020.

Reference: Sergei Ivanov, ICML 2020. Comprehensive analysis of authors,organizations, and countries. medium. Jun 16, 2020.
* The article indicates that there are 12 papers from RIKEN AIP. However, we reevaluated the number based on the definition of the article, and found 16, rather than 12, papers from RIKEN AIP. Based on this correction, RIKEN AIP should be ranked as the 31st organization. If we include the ones with a co-author from RIKEN AIP, there are 18 papers in which our members contributed, as listed below:

[Website] https://icml.cc/Conferences/2020
[Accepted Papers] https://icml.cc/Conferences/2020/AcceptedPapersInitial

*They are past interns of RIKEN AIP.
+He is a past member of RIKEN-AIP. Now a PhD student who is cosupervised by a RIKEN PI.

Updated: July 6, 2020/ June 3, 2020

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