Naoto Yokoya
Naoto Yokoya (Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team leader
    Naoto Yokoya
  • Senior research scientist
    Junshi Xia
  • Postdoctoral researcher
    Clifford Broni-bediako
  • Intern
    Ting Xu
  • Visiting scientist
    Wei He
  • Visiting scientist
    Bruno Adriano
  • Visiting scientist
    Shunichi Koshimura
  • Visiting scientist
    Masashi Matsuoka
  • Junior research associate
    Xiaoyu Dong
  • Junior research associate
    Wanshui Gan
  • Junior research associate
    Zhihao Liu
  • Part-time worker I
    Tianyi Zhang
  • Part-time worker I
    Jian Song
  • Part-time worker I
    Shintaro Nakamura
  • Part-time worker I
    Or Raveh
  • Part-time worker I
    Huanjian Zhou
  • Part-time worker I
    Zhiyuan Zhan


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Geoinformatics Team aims at developing intelligent systems that monitor and assess the state and changes of urban areas and natural environments from large-scale time-series geospatial data. We study fundamental technologies of geospatial data analysis that can deal with data incompleteness, limited training data, and multimodality. Our applied research includes disaster response, urban planning, and forest monitoring.

Main Research Field
Research Field
Computer Science / Geosciences
Research Subjects
Earth observation data analysis
Data fusion
Machine learning
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Introduction Video

AIP Open Seminar #3: Geoinformatics Unit (PI: Naoto Yokoya) thumbnails

[Poster] FY2018 Research Results (Written in Japanese)


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