Takayuki Okatani (Ph.D.)
Team Leader


  • Team Leader
    Takayuki Okatani
  • Postdoctoral Researcher
    Carl John Salaan
  • Postdoctoral Researcher
    Masanori Suganuma
  • Postdoctoral Researcher
    Zhun Sun
  • Postdoctoral Researcher
    Yan Zhang
  • Visiting Scientist
    Yusuke Kanebako
  • Visiting Scientist
    Takamu Kaneko
  • Visiting Scientist
    Yoshito Okada
  • Visiting Scientist
    Kazunori Ohno
  • Visiting Scientist
    Hidehiko Sekiya


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There is urgent demand in Japan for making it possible to more efficiently perform inspection of infrastructure such as bridges. Aiming at automating these work by robots, we are studying a variety of AI and Robotic technologies that are necessary for this aim. These include vision-based methods for detecting anomalies such as damages/defects of structures; vision-based methods for recognition of unknown three-dimensional environment surrounding robots and their navigation in the environment; basic research of deep learning methods for these tasks; and development of hardware and autonomous flight control of UAVs with special structures that enable them to continue to fly after collision with surfaces in space.

Main Research Field
Computer Science
Research Field
Engineering / Neuroscience & Behavior / Mathematics
Research Subjects
Robotics for Infrastructure Inspection and Management
Understanding and Improvement of Deep Learning