About AIP

RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP) was founded in FY 2016 as the research center for the MEXT-AIP project. Full operation began in FY 2017 with the opening of a new office in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Japan’s leading AI research is conducted at the center.




In the Center for AIP, we set up three research groups:

  • Generic Technology Research Group
  • Goal-Oriented Technology Research Group
  • Artificial Intelligence in Society Research Group

Together with various companies, universities, research institutes and projects, we are tackling the following five activities:

  • Development of fundamental technology
    Elucidating the mechanism of deep learning and creating next-generation AI technology based on novel principles.
  • Acceleration of scientific research
    Further reinforcing areas by AI technology where Japan has high international competitiveness such as regenerative medicine, material development and manufacturing.
  • Solution to societal problems
    Supporting projects that tackle critical problems by AI technology such as elderly health care, disaster resilience, and infrastructure management.
  • Analysis of ethical, legal and social issues of AI
    Discussing ethical codes and legal systems that will be necessary when infiltrating AI technology into our daily life.
  • Development of AI researchers and data scientists
    Contributing to raising the technology level of engineers in industry and students and researchers in academia, and establishing partnership with universities and research institutes in other countries.

To enhance AI fundamental technology and its real-world applications, collaboration with various researchers and engineers in related fields is essential. We would be grateful if you could visit the open discussion space in our Nihonbashi Office and join the discussion.

Activity report FY2021(1st half);activity report
Latest issue: Activity Report (July-Dec. 2021), AIP (PDF 1.57MB)
Back number: Activity Report (Jan.-June 2021), AIP (PDF 2.12MB)

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